November 2020 beer box

Here are the beers from our November 2020 beer box, enjoy! 

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Klosterbrauerei Andechs, Andechs, Germany – Spezial Hell, Festbier, 5.9%, 500ml bottle

A beer brewed by Benedictine monks at the Andechs Monastery south-west of Munich! Festbier is the style of beer served at Oktoberfest and other German ‘Fests’. It’s heavier in body than a Helles lager, with more hop flavour and higher alcohol but less intense and less richly toasted than a Märzen.

Brouwerij Kazematten, Ypres, Belgium – Grotten Santé, Belgian Brown Ale, 6.5%, 330ml bottle

A dark brown beer with a rich, Christmas pudding-like flavour and a special twist brought by the addition of a secret ‘exotic ingredient’. The brewery won’t reveal what it is, but maybe you can guess? We think something like star anise or aniseed. A beer to enjoy by the fire, and if like us you don’t the joy of an open fire at home just put on that fireplace video from Netflix and start living the dream.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, Chico, California – Wild Little Thing, Fruited sour beer, 5.5%, 355ml can

The brewery that originated the craft beer movement in the USA is bringing us their latest creation, a sour beer for people who don’t like sour beers (we said that, not them). Slightly tart more than really sour, with a nice fruitiness from the strawberry, guava and hibiscus. Add to this a decent carbonation and you got yourself the ultimate crushable beer.

Rooster’s Brewing Co, Harrogate, UK – Jubilee, Cucumber Pale Ale, 4.0%, 440ml can

Rooster’s Brewing Co was founded in 1993 and are craft beer pioneers in the UK. They started making hop-forward pale ales using American hops, which was revolutionary at the time! Jubilee was first brewed in 2018 to celebrate the brewery’s silver jubilee. It’s a crisp and refreshing cucumber pale ale, like a liquid cucumber sandwich.

The Wild Beer Co, Shepton Mallet, UK – LiRiPiP, Table Beer, 2.7%, 330ml can

We love a table beer, lots of flavour without ruining your daily alcohol units intake. In true Wild Beer Co fashion, this one is not just a classic table beer. It was brewed using a saison and wine yeast blend to give the final product more body and complexity. Dry-hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic hops, you’ll get tropical notes on the nose with a refreshing light malty taste. You can enjoy it on its own but it would be absolutely delicious paired with white fish.

The Kernel Brewery, London, UK – Foeder Kveik Pale Ale Citra, Foeder fermented pale ale, 4.7%, 330ml bottle

A pale ale with a couple of twists! First, it was brewed using a Kveik yeast strain. These are a Norwegian farmhouse style of yeast (like Belgian or French saison yeast) that’s known for being able to ferment at higher temperatures without causing off-flavours. Second, it’s been fermented in foeders, these massive wooden vessels traditionally used in Belgian sour beer making. As a result, this pale ale has a bit of funk from the foeder, lots of fruit esters from the yeast and a nice hop kick from the Citra dry-hopping.

Hackney Brewery, London, UK – Kapow!, Pale Ale, 4.5%, 330ml can

The Hackney Brewery has been going on since 2011 – in the British craft beer scene this is old! Kapow! is one of their more recent brews, a juicy, dry hopped pale ale. They used a blend of famous American hops (Chinook, Centennial, Ekuanot) to create tropical and stone fruits aromas combined with floral and piney flavours. A classic, well-made American style pale ale.

If you chose ‘I like all beers’

Fierce Beer, Aberdeen, UK – Moose Mousse, Chocolate Milk Stout, 4.5%, 440ml can

Fierce are excellent, and it used to be one of these breweries that is too far away to go visit over a couple of days but they have just opened a bar in Manchester! So when this is all over we can’t wait to go and drink their beers (almost) at the source. Moose Moose is a stout ‘as smooth as antler velvet’. Sessionable yet luxurious, packed with cocoa and vanilla, with a touch of lactose for added sweetness and soft mouthfeel.

If you chose ‘No dark beers’

VBDCK Brewery, Tielrode, Belgium – Kerel Grapefuit IPA, Belgian IPA, 4.5%, 330ml bottle.

Kerel beer was first brewed in 1867, then the brewery closed in 1966 and re-started in 2015 using the yeast extracted from leftover bottles found in the old brewery’s basement. Crazy right? By the miracle of science, you are drinking a beer brewed using a yeast strain from 1867. The new generation of beers include this Grapefruit IPA, made by adding grapefruit puree to the beer before fermentation for a zesty kick and slight tartness.