BOTTLE CLUB #9 special Stone Brewing Co – Thursday 21/07

For our next Bottle Club we’re holding a special tasting dedicated to Californian beer legends STONE BREWING CO. One of the beers we’ve been patiently waiting to taste, “Enjoy After 07/04/16” is now ready to go! This beer has been developing flavour in ambient temperatures as the wild yeast works its magic.


We’ll be opening 6 of their beers on the night:

Go To IPA, Session IPA, 4.5%

Cali Belgique, Belgian Style IPA, 6.9%

Stone IPA, IPA, 6.9%

Ruination, Double IPA, 8.2%

Enjoy After 07/04/16, Brett IPA, 7.0%

Imperial Russian Stout, Imperial Stout, 10.5%

We’ll be giving you the lowdown on Stone Brewing Co, a company started back in 1996 that have shaped and moulded the craft beer landscape in the USA and here in the UK. With their new brewery up and running in Berlin we’ll be seeing a lot more of their beers over the next few months. Get ahead of the curve with this dedicated tasting evening.

Bottle Club #9, Thursday 21/07/2016 at 7pm

6 beers, £17 per person

Buy tickets in the shop or send us an email/social media message to reserve one.