October 2020 beer box

Here are the beers from our October 2020 beer box, enjoy! 

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Lost & Grounded, Bristol, UK – Autumn Protagonist, Best bitter, 4.4%, 440ml can

A soft, amber coloured beer with a perfect balance between biscuity and citrusy to ease your way into autumn. Brewed using German and Belgian malts as well as American hops for a twist on the British classic.

Cloudwater, Manchester, UK – Hoppy Little Lager, India Pale Lager, 3.0%, 440ml can.

It’s Oktoberfest time in Germany so we have a few lagers in this box. We wanted to show you there are many different lager styles and they are never boring. First up is an India Pale Lager from Cloudwater. Using lager yeast but hopped like an IPA, this one will satisfy the hop heads among us.

Cloudwater, Manchester, UK – A Long Walk With a Dear Friend, ‘Mountain Lager’, 6.0%, 440ml can.

Our second lager is a ‘Mountain lager’. It is inspired by Mountain-style IPAs, a middle ground between West Coast and New England style IPAs, brewed by breweries like Odell or Oskar Blues in Colorado. This mountain lager combines lager yeast with deep amber lager malts and fresh, juicy hops. A very unique beer, maybe the beginning of a new trend!

Brasserie d’Achouffe, Achouffe, Belgium – Bok 6666, Bock, 6.6%, 330ml bottle

Back to a very traditional German style with our third lager. Bocks are originally from Northern Germany but were made famous by Bavarian breweries in the 17th century. This one is brewed in Belgium and no it’s not a satanist beer, 6666 is the postcode for the city of Achouffe. It’s a delicious rich beer perfect for cooler evenings. Smooth mouthfeel with flavours of toffee, raisins, chocolate and a hint of coffee.

Brauerei Göller, Zeil am Main, Germany – Kellerbier, 4.9%, 500ml bottle.

Our last lager is from a 500 year old Bavarian brewery. A Kellerbier is an unfiltered lager: yeast and protein remain in the beer so it’s full-bodied and naturally cloudy. Imagine a great hall with wooden tables as far as the eye can see and the smell of sausages cooking over an open fire.

Oskar Blues, Longmont, Colorado – G’Knight, Imperial Red IPA, 8.7%, 355ml can.

We don’t really see many amber or red ales these days, but this is a classic that’s been brewed year round since 2005. A dry hopped double red IPA with a nose full of piney aromas, a tree sap like sticky mouthfeel, plenty of caramel and toffee malt notes and a bucket load of dank bitter hops to finish.

Rodenbach, Roeselare, Belgium – Fruitage, Fruit sour beer, 3.9%, 330ml bottle

Rodenbach Grand Cru has been in stock at Hereford Beer House since day 1, but they make a few other beers too and we’re finally able to bring you Fruitage. A blend of aged ale, young ale and 7% red fruit, which gives it its sweet-sourness and fruity notes. So refreshing, and less challenging than the Grand Cru.

If you chose ‘I like all beers’

The Kernel Brewery, London, UK – London Export Stout 1890, Export Stout, 7.2%, 330ml bottle

What can we say about the Kernel that hasn’t already been said!? Based on a historical recipe from 1890, this is a simple stout that delivers an incredible taste experience – no barrels, no crazy additives, no fruit, no nothing, but it’s so well made that it’s rated amongst the best all time beers in the world.

If you chose ‘No dark beers’

Moor Beer, Bristol, UK – Distortion, Session IPA, 4.7%, 330ml can.

A new beer from Moor that’s gone straight into their core range. They call it a ‘juicy West Coast Session IPA’ as it combines the perceived juiciness and tropical flavours of hazy IPAs with the balanced bitterness of a West Coast IPA.