NEW! Beer delivery with Deliveroo

Starting from Friday 12th August 2016 a selection of our beers will be available to order through the Deliveroo app and website, all delivered to your door in less than 1 hour!

The order process is very simple: 1) pick your beers // 2) pay by card // 3) a Deliveroo courier picks up your beers at our shop // 4) your beers are delivered, cold and ready to enjoy. Cheers!

And the good news doesn’t stop here: the best restaurants in Hereford are also part of it! So what about ordering some burgers from A Rule of Tum or The Beefy Boys – you can get some of our beers to go with them! Yep, Netflix and chill has just reached a new level!

Get the Deliveroo app (Apple/Android) or order from the website – we may even hide some special treats in your deliveries! Don’t forget to use the code ameliev2372 to get £10 off your first order.

HFD Beer House Deliveroo