Mills Brewing special bottle sale

We’ve been buying Mills beers from pretty much their first release. Absolutely bowled away by the quality we started saving some bottles back. Now a couple of years later with a line up that includes a collaboration from our own brewery ‘After The Harvest’, we feel like it’s time to make them available to buy.

On Saturday 19th October all our Mills beers will be available to purchase from our shop. It’ll be first come first served and you can buy one of each bottle.

NO SHIPPING. Seriously, don’t bother asking, the answer will be no.

If you want to reserve bottles, there will be a limit of 4 bottles reserved and you need to be able to collect on the day (no saves for a later date). If there are still other bottles available when you collect, you’ll be able to buy more than the 4 you reserved. Contact us here with the list of bottles you want saved.

Bottle list (release date):

  • Foxbic (Sept 16) All reserved
  • Saison Lees (Sept 17) All reserved
  • Spectre Sister (Sept 17) All reserved
  • Running Beer (Feb 18) All reserved
  • Vatted Porter (Feb 18) All reserved
  • Today (April 18) All reserved
  • Picture Pot (June 18) All reserved
  • Dirt (July 18) All reserved
  • Saison Cider Cask (Oct 18) All reserved
  • Running Beer (Dec 18) All reserved
  • Foxbic Two (Jan 19)
  • Wait For It (Jan 19) All reserved
  • Draw Together (Jan 19) All reserved
  • Lambinett (Feb 19)
  • Today (Feb 19) All reserved
  • Clomp (May 19)

Single price, £18 per bottle.