February 2020 beer box

Here are the beers from our February 2020 beer box, enjoy!

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Brew By Numbers, London, UK – 11/ Session IPA, 4.2%, 330ml can

We love session IPAs: they have the hop character of an IPA (in this one Mosaic hops take centre stage) bringing you the tropical and citrus notes you crave in an IPA without the high ABV.

Schneider Weisse, Munich, Germany – Tap 2 Mein Kristall, ‘crystal’ weissbier, 5.3%, 500ml bottle.

Schneider Weisse, a staple Bavarian brewery that is over 140 years old, brings us this “fine beer for fine occasions”. It’s a clear weissbier with delicate carbonation they recommend drinking in champagne glasses no less! This beer will give you classic weissbier aroma and flavours with a crisp and dry finish.

The Kernel Brewery, London, UK – Foeder Beer Chinook Mandarina Bavaria, Belgian Pale Ale, 4.6%, 330ml bottle.

A foeder is a big wooden vessel traditionally used by Belgian breweries to mature beer in for several months. It’s full of wild yeast and therefore used to create some of your favourite sour beers – for example Rodenbach Grand Cru. In the case of this Kernel beer though, the foeder is used as a fermentation vessel, meaning the beer will only spend a few days in contact with the wild yeast. The aromas and flavours resulting will be closer to a classic Belgian pale ale: yeasty and estery but with an interesting hop character thanks to the addition of Chinook and Mandarina Bavaria.

Lost and Grounded, Bristol, UK – Long Story Short 2019, Table Beer, 3.5%, 440ml can

It’s early February, we’re all still trying to take it easy on the alcohol front. Luckily, there’s a thing called Table Beer! A style that is big in taste and low in alcohol, originating from France and Belgium and created to be enjoyed by everyone at the table, including kids. This one is from the British lager and Belgian beers masters, Lost and Grounded. It has a biscuity malt base that combines brilliantly with the light floral and lemon sherbet flavours coming from Columbus, Azacca, El Dorado and Centennial hop additions.

Fierce Beer, Aberdeen, UK – Pilsner, 4.2%, 440ml can (gluten free)

This is Fierce Beer interpretation of a classic Pilsner, a beer style that has been brewed for centuries in Pilsen, in the Czech Republic. And they’re doing it right! They use a traditional yeast strain to cold ferment and slowly mature the beer in tanks for over six weeks and use noble hops to develop a crisp, clean flavour profile with a little sweetness. Your crushable beer of this box and as a bonus it’s gluten free so everyone can enjoy it.

Cloudwater, Manchester, UK – I Dreamt I Left You A Note, Pale Ale, 5.0%, 440ml can .

A single-hop Pale Ale brewed with Rakau, a New-Zealand hop famous for giving fruity aromas, particularly of stone fruits, as well as piney, resinous notes.

Gipsy Hill, London, UK – Ranger, Pale Ale, 4.2%, 330ml can.

A classic, easy going Pale Ale from Gipsy Hill’s core range. Sometimes you need to leave the hype juice behind and reconnect with the kind of beers we all used to drink. Best quality malts. Batch selected hops. It’s a clean, balanced, and zesty beer with piney, citrus and stone-fruit notes.

If you chose ‘I like all beers’

Northern Monk, Leeds, UK – Northern Star, Mocha Porter, 5.2%, 330ml can (contains lactose)

Coffee flavour + dark beer? Yes please! Here Northern Monk are doing things right by adding ground coffee beans to the brew, along with rich dark chocolate and lactose to balance this full bodied dark ale. Brewed in collaboration with North Star Coffee Roasters in Leeds, this beer is smooth, creamy and rich.

If you chose ‘No dark beers’

Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley, UK – Iti, Session Pale Ale, 3.5%, 330ml can.

Named after the Maori word for little, this session pale is brewed with only NZ hops. Crisp with citrus and floral aromas on the nose and huge flavours of gooseberry, grapefruit & tropical fruit.