December 2019 Beer Box

Here are the beers from our December 2019 beer box, enjoy!

Because we are closed for the first 2 weeks of January, there will be a second box in December in place of the January one, available just before Christmas!

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Marble Brewery, Manchester, UK / Collaboration with Donkozo, Hartlepool, UK – Wit-ness The Citrus, India Wit Ale, 6.5%, 330ml can

Wit-ness The Citrus was brewed as part of Collabageddon 2019, an event organised by Reading-based Elusive Brewing and involving 12 breweries, paired to brew 12 beers. The project is built around the idea of being collaborative, sharing and learning, so the pairings have been created to bring together breweries who usually brew quite different styles to each other. Here, the key word is citrus! Big orange hit with a tart lemony finish, all supported by peppery spice and clove typical to wit beers.

Sierra Nevada, Chico, California – Celebration, American IPA, 6.8%, 355ml bottle.

Celebration was first brewed in 1981, blazing the path for American-style IPAs and offering a new take on holiday beers, which are often spiced and sweet. It’s a fresh hop IPA, brewed every year in celebration of the new hop harvest. You can expect a full and intense beer, with citrus and pine aromas. This year’s features Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops.

Jopen, Haarlem, The Netherlands – Super DuPA!, IPA, 5.5%, 330ml bottle.

Haarlem has a strong brewing history dating back from before the 15th century. There were 100 breweries in the 1620s, but after a series of dark events the city lost all its breweries and there was none registered in the 1820s. In the 1990s, a project called the Stichting Haarlems Biergenootschap revived some of the old recipes under the brand Jopen and in 2010 Jopen opened a brewery in a former church in central Haarlem. Super DuPA, or Super Dutch Pale Ale, is a traditional multigrain dutch recipe brewed with barley, oats and wheat, modernised with the addition of fruity tropical hops.

Hitachino Nest (Kiuchi Brewery), Ibaraki, Japan / Collaboration with Beavertown, London, UK – Yoroshiku IPA, Earl Grey & Yuzu IPA, 6.0%, 350ml can

For this unlikely collaboration, Beavertown and Hitachino Nest brought the delicacies of their two cultures together. Beavertown provided Earl Grey celebrating the British tradition of tea and Hitachino Nest elevated the beer by adding a typical Japanese fruit, Yuzu. Both flavours work perfectly together in this IPA aptly named ‘Yoroshiku’ (Nice to meet you).

Yonder, Somerset, UK – Pils, Pilsner, 4.5%, 330ml bottle.

Last month we explored Yonder’s wild side with their Farmhouse Pale Ale. This time we’re going for a classic with this thirst quenching pilsner. But this one was brewed with a couple of Yonder touches: malts are mashed on a bed of meadow hay and instead of only using noble German and Czech hops they added some British hops too.

Gipsy Hill, London, UK – Baller, IPA, 5.4%, 330ml can.

No need to introduce Gipsy Hill again, the London-based brewery has been treating us with excellent beers for a while now! This is their ‘go-to’ IPA, full of tropical and citrussy hops and with a reasonable ABV making it refreshing and extremely drinkable.

The Musketeers Brewery, Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium – Troubadour Magma Tropical, 6.5%, 330ml bottle

Troubadour Magma is The Musketeers’ most famous beer, a Belgian Triple IPA at 9% ABV. Every year, they brew a one-off version that changes one aspect of the Troubadour Magma brewing recipe. For this ‘tropical’ version, they’ve lowered the ABV and added Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado to the hop bill to bring mango, lemon and tropical fruits flavours.

If you chose ‘I like all beers’

The Kernel Brewery, London, UK – Dry Stout Mosaic, Stout, 4.3%, 330ml bottle.

We cannot get enough of The Kernel beers! Their Dry Stout is a classic and this iteration is hopped with Mosaic. You’ll get roasted grains, dark chocolate and piney hops aroma with a roasty, resinous flavour and a dry finish.

If you chose ‘No dark beers’

Pilot, Edinburgh, UK – Lime & Pepper Gose, 5.1%, 330ml can.

This beer brewed with sea salt, pepper and lime is inspired by the Cambodian Tuk Meric dipping sauce. Expect punchy lime with black pepper undertones that enhance the savoury aspect of the beer. Tart with a crisp finish.