COVID-19 Update 17/03/20 – Home deliveries

Due to vague advice from the Government we’re taking matters into our own hands in regards to business from tomorrow (Wednesday 18th). We will open for the foreseeable as normal until we are forced to close.

We understand that many of you will follow government recommendations, this is why we will start offering free home deliveries (min order £15) for the area shown on the map. 

Delivery area

Please follow the ordering process detailed on this page.

This is going to be a difficult few months and our primary aim is to still be in business at the end of it. We know that a period of complete forced closure is on the horizon and we are currently working out how to navigate that without any income. Unfortunately we just learned that like many other businesses, our business interruption insurance does not cover us, even in case of forced closure by the Government.

We will regularly post updates on our website and social media. Stay safe!